Contributes to eos-community in Russia

The team of EOS Volga consists of highly supportive individuals that do believe in EOS. Each member is striving to make this project great. The company is going to focus on sharing the idea to the public through social media, traditional media, and offline meetups

Eos Volga as Block Producer

In the very beginning we developed blockchain solutions for banks and other financial institutions. Now our diverse and experienced team allows us to focus on building own blockchain applications. Mission of EOS VOLGA is to create a compliant and decentralized financial system that benefits all its participants. As part of our strategy we support open-source blockchain initiatives and share our expertise with blockchain community by delivering lectures and workshops.

As a block producer EOS VOLGA will:

Deliver technical tasks and processes

Develop eos-community

Implement educational platform


DIBEX (Digital InterBank EXchange) is a blockchain platform for financial institutions, transforming each individual loan in the digital asset. The digitized loan is a highly liquid treasury asset. Treasurer of financial institution can almost instantly buy, sell, mortgage and do with it any other treasury operations. Dibex is a real alternative to the securitization of loans, available to a wide range of financial institutions.


The service is in progress and aims to improve transactions-based audit and coverage of all eos-associated actions. Soon the search tool will be at hand.

Web EOS Wallet

EOS web-wallet is announced as an improved initiative with the totally new option: prior confirmation and verification by the BPs to make tool more safety, reliable and with more effective operational effectiveness.

Meet Our Team

Viсtor Nasochevsky

Founder, entrepreneur with more than 25 years of career in banking, fintech projects and payment systems (ex- IT Director of a large private Bank, founder and ex-CEO of a multibank payment system Rapida with 200+ participating banks).

Anton Martynov

Co-founder, CTO with a science degree in software development and extensive experience in IT project management.

Alex Nasochevsky

Co-founder, administrative director, entrepreneur in the field of mobile services and applications development.

Oleg Nosov

Started his way from working at software company as a software engineer 5 years ago. With Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he had a good understanding of different coding languages and project management.

Ivan Ignatov

With more than 12 years of experience in financial industry, a great marketer and a person with deep enthusiasm in blockchain technologies. Had experience with various start-ups and huge companies with multimillion cash flows. Has experience working as Consultant, CFO, strategic manager, and much more.